Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flying squirrel

Cowbird Carl:  Are you two gossiping again about that squirrel?
Fannie Finch:  It's not gossip!  The rumor in the yard is that crazy squirrel is going to make a leap for it.
Cowbird Carl:  Whad-a-ya mean "make a leap for it?"  I thought he gave up trying to break into those bird feeders.  This is all just idle gossip.
Fannie Finch:  Well, I don't think so.  I heard it from Fred Finch.

Fred Finch:  That's right Cowbird Carl.  I told Fannie.  I heard it from Pope Cardinal Jr. 
Cowbird Carl:  Oh yeh, that new youngin' that's been hanging around causing a bunch of trouble?

Pope Cardinal Jr.:  Hey, I heard that remark!
Cowbird Carl:  Well, if the beak fits, wear it.  You been out carousing around with a rowdy bunch.  Makin' all kinds of trouble and now stirring everybody up with rumors.
Pope Cardinal Jr.:  They're not rumors.  I heard it from Blue Jay Bobbie.  He knows everything!

Blue Jay Bobbie:  Well thank ya, Jr.  Mighty kind of you to think of me that way.  Yes, I did hear it from a little birdie ... that young little cute Catbird Cate.

Catbird Cate:  (blushing Cate) Oh, yes, yes I told him!  I thought someone should know the trouble that squirrel is going to cause!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  Hey, it's not me that's gonna make the leap.  So don't be lookin' my way!

Theo Thumper:  Cowbird Carl, how come  you are just  hearing about this.  They've been talking about this for days.  I happened to overhear Rocky Squirrel telling one of his little buddies about making the leap while I was over here eatin' on this hibiscus.  Which, by the way, is so tasty!

Theo Thumper:  I don't know why that House Lady keeps putting out these carrots.  They're awful!  But this hibiscus plant  ... well, it is just about the best food out here!

Darth Vader Squirrel: No way Rabbit!  These corn cobs are are sw-ee-ee--eat!  I don't know why Rocky is always having to climb those poles when there is perfectly good food down here.
Cowbird Carl:  (shouting) Will someone, please tell me who is saying Squirrel is going to make a leap for it!!!  All he's going to do is upset the House Lady and then none of us is going to get any food!

Pope Cardinal Jr.:  Hey man, no need to yell.  It was Carmen Chipmunk.  She knows all about it.  He's been sweet on her for some time now.

Carmen Chipmunk:  (embarrassed) That's not so, Jr.!  We're just good friends!  Isn't that right Rocky?

Rocky Squirrel:  That's right Carmen, girl. Don't let him get to ya.
Carmen Chipmunk:  Are you really going to try to make the leap today, Rocky!

Rocky Squirrel:  Oh yeh!  I've been having nightmares about getting up that pole over there with that wiggly thing.  I finally figured the only way was to attack it from the top and make the huge leap!
Cowbird Carl:  Squirrel, what's wrong with your head?  You're not a bird.  This is BIRD food, not SQUIRREL food!  Look over there at your friend Darth Vader.  He's happy as a lark with that corn cob.  That's YOUR type of food.

Rocky Squirrel:  Mind your own business bird!  I LIKE your food ... you have nuts and berries.  Squirrels like nuts and berries just as much as you do!  Now quit bothering me... I gotta concentrate ... I got me some flying to do!
Carmen Chipmunk:  Oh Rocky, please be careful!  I don't think the House Lady likes it when you climb that pole.

Rocky Squirrel:  No worries .... I can do this!!!!  I've been practicing.

Rocky Squirrel:  Ta - da!!!  Piece of cake or better yet, nuts.  Now, I better hurry up and eat some before that House Lady gets out here.

Cary Grackle:  Well I'll be ... Crazy Squirrel ... he made it!

Pope Cardinal Jr.:  Uh ... not for long ... here comes the House Lady!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  I'm outta here and  I'm NOT sharing, Rocky! 

: : :

Comments from the House Lady:  Upon observing that flying leap ...  after I moved the poles away from each other twice already ....  I made another journey outside and anchored the pole even further away.  So far, Rocky Squirrel has not made the leap again!
PS.  But I imagine it is only a matter of time!