Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fledged too soon

    Last week when I was pulling weeds in the late afternoon, I came across this little fellow.

  It was apparent he had left his nest too soon.
And I couldn't find it.

I probably would have totally overlooked him if it hadn't been for his parents making such a ruckus.  
The mama/papa Tree Sparrow was up on the roof with food for their little one.

I watched the little guy for a while as he finally was able to flutter up into a low shrub.  
The parents came down frequently, landing and taking off.  
At one point, they brought him some food and I was able to capture the feeding.  
Still caring for him, forever parents.

When I checked later as it was growing dark, I found the little guy out in the middle of the yard,
still chirping for his parents who were beside themselves, swooping in and out. 
I imagined it was their attempts to teach him to fly.  
But he just didn't have the strength.
He kept heading towards the road so I slowly shooed him back
towards the house until he was back in the shrubs.

It was going to be a long night for him.

Life can be so precarious and unfair at times.