Monday, July 11, 2011

A hummingbird gaze

 you come briefly
dipping your face
into sweetness

barely a moment
to pay me heed

you drift over
bouquets of beauty
seeking the gold
that lies within

 with your thirst assuaged

 you retreat
from your bloom

to my window
gazing in

as if
to say


: : :

My hummingbird population seems to have exploded the last few days.  
Several were arguing and chasing each other about in my garden.  
After one was chased off, the last little guy/gal flew directly to my window
and hoovered there at least 5-7 seconds, looking in at me.
Or his reflection. 
  I didn't want to scare him away 
and yet I wanted to change my lens.  
Sadly, I capured no shot of him as we
stared each other down.