Tuesday, August 23, 2011


By now, you probably heard about the 5.9 earthquake that hit in Virginia and was felt all the way up the East coast.  I was sitting in my home office, as usual, thinking about what to blog  today, when the whole room started shaking.  

All was okay, but I think my outdoor friends were a bit shaken up!

Ned Nuthatch:  Whoaaaaa .... what's happening!

John Sparrow:  I... I.... I ...... dunnknow......

Pope Cardinal Jr.:  This thing is swayin'!

Sally Starling:  I can barely hang on!

Red-bellied Woodpecker:  Hold on tight everybody!

Ned Nuthatch:  I think it's over everyone!

Pope Cardinal Jr the 2nd:  Well, that was a real feather ruffler!

Harriet Hairy Woodpecker:  Are you sure it's okay to let go?

Harry Hairy Woodpecker:  Honey, you best hang on a bit more!

Charlie Chickadee:  That's right Harry.  May be another one coming, whatever it was!

Hilly Hummingbird:  I barely felt anything you guys.  What are you all talking about?

Fabio Finch & Fabio Jr:  Hey, you guys on the ground!  Everything okay down there?

Mrs. Pope Cardinal:  Oh my, oh my ... I thought it would never end!

Darth Vader Squirrel:  I'm staying right here for a while!

Roxanne Mama Squirrel:  Vader Squirrel, get your lazy self up.  There's no time to lay around.  We've got little ones at home to care for!

Groundhog Chuck:  Well, I think, I think, I think, I'll just sleep
above ground tonight ya'll!

As usual, I didn't have to worry about what to post today.  
These guys came to my rescue!

Until next time,

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