Friday, August 26, 2011

There is a place

there is a place
where the sea meets the land
with greetings of
waves crashing upon rocks
over and over and
over again

my lullaby

a place where the wind howls like thunder
and seagulls float like
twilight over sand

a place where each day
begins anew
and evidence of yesterdays
are washed away

a place where i am whole
and sheltered
to just

: : :

The photo above was taken last year when we were in Oregon.  Oregon has one of the most beautiful coastlines I have ever seen.  And I've seen quite a few, being a lover of the sea.

Today, I turn 59.
 A day to reflect on what brings me joy and comfort.

And that, to me, is the sea.  The smell, the wind, the life it holds.
It makes me whole.

I may not be getting around to all of you 'today' since The Professor is at my service 
for whatever I want!  
Now that's what I call a real 'present'!

My wish today?  That Irene is kind to our coastal friends.  
Let's hope we don't need a boat for all the flooding
that may be coming!
Stay safe ... and high ... and dry!