Sunday, August 28, 2011

And thar she blows ....

Well, we survived Hurricane Irene.

The sun finally came out around 7 Sunday evening and was I ever so glad.  It started raining Saturday at noon and did not stop until Sunday noon.  That's a lot of rain for ground that is already saturated. We currently don't have any electricity.  Went off in the night and now we are going on 16 hours without.  No idea when it may come back, we are told.  I'm sitting in our local Panera as I write this.  They soon are going to kick me out.  So this is going to be brief and quick!

Reason for no power is due to a lot of trees down on power lines in our neighborhood.  We took a drive out this morning and captured a few.

This is the mighty Schuylkill River out of its banks causing other types of problems.

Our local train service, Septa, is shut down.  Many businesses were closed simply because employees could not get to work.  Here you can see the train line under water.

Some of our family members were unconcerned with what was going on in the world. 

And then there were others who were a bit shaken up and confused as to where their feeders were, like this little chickadee.

Of course, he was set straight right away by the little hummer!

Some of us are still a little bit roughed up from lack of sleep and showers.

But at least we are seeing the light at the end of the road.  

The only thing is, though, we're just not sure when that light is going to be turned back on.

Hope all my east coast friends have fared well.  I'll try to visit you as power permits!

Until tomorrow, maybe,