Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So long ....

No .... I'm not leaving.  But summer is.

As I was looking out my window the other day, I happened to notice these beautiful red leaves perched at the top of my redbud tree.  Just a couple.  All the rest of the tree is still quite green.  Just one more reminder that change is coming.  The leaves are beginning to say their goodbyes.

A few others have also begun to say goodbye.  Over the last week, I had not seen any hummers.  And then, just a little bit ago, one flew by checking out the feeder.  

Only an instant.  
And then she was gone.

I will miss them and all their flurry of activity.

Some of you have been so lucky to have captured the males and their ruby throats.  
I only saw one a couple of times but never got a good photo.

But I always enjoyed them sitting outside my office window on my butterfly bush. 

Waiting.  Watching.  Protecting.

I will miss them.  

Safe travels, little ones.

See you next Spring.

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