Friday, October 14, 2011

Adventures in paradise ...

Our time at Anna Maria is drawing to close. 

~ sigh ~

I always get a bit melancholy the last few days.  It is such a beautiful island filled with so much natural beauty, friendly neighbors and tons of wildlife.  A photographer's paradise, the reason for my sporadic visits and posts.  It's just too hard to be sitting at a computer with all that beauty outside my door.

Just as an example, take my day yesterday.  The Professor and I frequently bike to the Rod and Reel Pier for breakfast.  This is it below.

Sometimes there are dolphins or manatees swimming around.  

And always photo ops of seagulls, terns, egrets and pelicans. 

Yesterday, it was a stormy morning with dark overcast clouds ... which made for a beautiful walk out to the restaurant.  I captured this fellow quietly fishing.

: : :

We usually sit outside on the upper deck and as we took our seats, our waitress pointed out that the news media was in the parking lot.  They were getting ready to do a live story for the Today Show with Matt Lauer on the young man who was recently bitten by a shark while spear fishing in this area.

Well, of course, I had to take pictures.  See the guy in pink ... he's 'live' doing the story.

So of course, in the evening, I went to the Today's show web site and captured the below image.  Can you see us?  We are sitting right below the video's "Live EDT" sign.  My FIRST appearance on national TV!  Woot woot! 

See, every day is different on the island.  I like that.

: : :

That afternoon, while The Professor did his professorial work, I went biking.  I never fail to find something fascinating to photograph.  And I wasn't disappointed when I happened upon these beauties.

Wild parrots! 

A resident had a number of feeders in her front yard and there must of have been two dozen parrots on the feeders and in the trees.  Needless to say, I took dozens of photos!  I wouldn't mind having some of these guys in my back yard (although I am told they are very noisy).

So here's a little eye candy for you.

 : : :

 As is most days, The Professor and I ended our day in beach chairs watching the sunset.  But last night, after another incredible sunset, we turned our chairs around and watched the moon come up.

It was spectacular!

Did you see it?  I hope so.
Again, thank you for dropping in.  I love hearing from you 
and  look forward to catching up on 
what you've been up to!

 Later friends,