Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amsterdam, Canals & Parks ... Part 2

        Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments while I'm over here in Amsterdam.  Several of you provided me some useful info on internet locations, and I thank you!  I ended up finding a little funky cafe/furniture type store called FridayNext right around the corner where we are staying.  Needless to say, I'm drinking many lattes and leaving a generous tip for taking up their table.  But ... there are others like me, working on their laptaps, reading magazines, Skyping friends. 

Yesterday, I biked and biked and biked.  I lost my map somewhere in my travels and got lost a couple of times.  But then, it is an easy city to navigate and find your way home.

It has been a bit rainy today, and I decided to edit photos.  I love doing that.  And I love the surreal affect I applied.  I guess it is how I see Amsterdam.  There is so much to photograph, it becomes overwhelming trying to decide.  

I thought today, I would have you stroll with me along the canals and later, in Vondel Park. 

Remember these rowers from the last blog.  I like this edit much better.

Did you know that there are many many houseboats that folks live on?  Some are stunning!

And then there are just regular boats.  A very popular past-time is cruising around the canals or down the Amstel.  I would so be doing that every day!

Every time we come to Amsterdam, I always spend time in Vondel Park.  It is a quiet area away from the scurry of cars, trams and bikes.  It is many things to many people, whether it be sipping expresso at one the cafe terraces, joining a spontaneous soccer match, letting children play or dogs run free.  There will be elderly resting on park benches, young lovers strolling hand in hand or groups congregating around a guitar, it is all typical of Amsterdam’s relaxed attitudes. 

It is here that I find peace and contentment in the midst of this busy city.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll with me today.  
I'm hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.  Keep your finger's crossed!

Later friends,