Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some gulls and sunsets ...

As promised, we took a break from all the tediousness of setting up the house and took a drive up the coast in the afternoon to take some pics.  (Don't ask me how many trips I have made to Wal-Mart ... all I have to say is "where is TARGET"!!!)

I hadn't expected Maine to hold as much beauty in the winter.

But, I should have known better. 

Many a time in the fall, we have sat on these benches in the harbor 
and it still holds much beauty here in December.

Of course you knew I would have to throw in some birds.  I have to work a little bit harder here to get bird photos.  No shooting through my office window here.  Lazy girl as I am!

Caught this guy parking himself to take a little snooze.  Guess this time of the year, he can linger as long as he wants.  All the crowds have departed.

On our way home, the sun was beginning to set ... at 4:00!!  This is just 

and the one thing about winter that disturbs my soul!

I didn't notice the Christmas balls hanging in the tree until I downloaded the photo. 
Pretty cool!

The Professor was very patient with me as I was trying to capture different angles of the sun as we drove.  He would back up until I got just the right angle.  All these sunsets were taken through the windshield of the car ... guess it served as a natural filter!  Which, by the way, I don't own nor would I even know how to use it if I did.  I guess I need to study up on that.  Do any of you use a filter?  If so, why and when?

I think Bern Williams had it right when he said,

It is almost impossible to watch a sunset
and not dream.

Still dreaming up here in Maine.
Later friends,

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