Monday, January 2, 2012

Misty mornings and missed kitties

Well, here we are! 

A brand new year 

clean, fresh and unspoiled!

And I must say, 
welcoming it in from up here in Maine was a real treat. 

The weather has been remarkable.

From sunny warm days
that stumbled into foggy mornings
topped off with a Christmas day snowfall.

all wonderful things must come to an end,
otherwise I don't
think I could stand such beauty.

: : : 

The Professor and I will be heading back to Philly this week
where I have sorely missed my backyard critters
and this guy ...
Kitty Kramer!
He's a bit chunky ... sort of like me these days.

But it's a new year ... 
anything can happen!

Even a slimmer me!

I'll toast to that!
And I toast to our continued travels together, my friends.

Until next time,