Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perhaps I underestimated ....

Still in the middle of my 
DIY project.
Oh, my aching back ... knees ... fingers ... thighs ...
You get the picture.
Between tasks, I spend my time on Google and YouTube 
reading/watching how-to videos.

Really, though, I'd rather be in either of the two photos I merged above
using a program called Pixalmator and framed using Snapseed.

NYC meets Anna Maria!

Two of my favorite places.

Yep, I"m a little loopy.
I'm on break today while an outside contractor does his thing.
So ...... 
I get to do my thing.

Take a few pics of my feathered backyard friends
and come visit all of you to see what
YOU have been up to!

And, by the way, this weather?

Later, my dear friends,