Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trained by a chipmunk

The weather has been a bit dreary lately.  Lots of rain and clouds.
I guess I shouldn't complain though.  It could be snow.
Or tornadoes!  
So sad about the storms in Kansas
Tornadoes in February in Kansas!  
Just wrong!

But enough of that dreariness.

: : :

The other day (a sunny day) I noticed Carmen Chipmunk waiting by the food dish.
I had not yet put the morning food out.

"Hey House Lady!  Where's my morning meal?"

"What the heck is the delay?"
 "If you don't hurry up and get my food out here,
the squirrels will soon arrive."

"And then I'll get NONE!"

"OH, PLEASE, House Lady ... please hurry up!"

: : :

Well, of course, I immediately laced the wall with some sunflower seeds.
She has me well trained!

: : : 
Here's hoping for some sunshine today wherever you are!