Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If not for you ...

About a year ago now, I purchased my Nikon D7000.  Before then, I had been using my Canon PowerShot point and shoot.  It was/is a great little camera and I still use it here and there!  But more and more less so.  It's just too darn easy these days to use all the incredible camera apps out there for our cell phones.  We've all seen some incredible photos with these apps and the growth of iPhonography has skyrocketed.

Before I bought my Nikon, I really gave little thought to my photos.  Most photos were taken to document an event or travels, only to be stored among the thousands that came before on my computer.  But all that changed once I started blogging and discovered others with photography interests.  There was no turning back.

I guess what I love most about photography is how a moment is captured.  It can be as raw as an unedited photo or as artistic as if Monet himself painted the scene.  I can choose how I want to edit my scene and believe me, I can spend hours with just one photo experimenting with all the various editing programs available to us these days.  For me, photography is a way to express the mood of a moment.

Take for example the photo above.  It is straight out of the camera, no editing, just a bad photo.  I was attempting to capture the Goldfinch sitting in my redbud tree but didn't have the focus set.  This was the result.  I almost deleted it but then I thought how beautiful it was to me. 

It's imperfection made it beautiful.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in photography, unlike many professions and skills, 
there is room for imperfections.

Even when you may have captured an imperfect shot, like these, with a little bit of editing with all the apps available to us these days, you can turn imperfection into a thing of beauty.

By far, these are not the most beautiful photos, but you get my drift.

And that's why I love coming here and sharing.
It's a place where imperfection is accepted.
It's a place where beauty comes in all forms.
It's a place to be who or whatever we want.

 I just wanted to let you know today,
that each and every one of you inspire me. 

Thank you!

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