Monday, April 9, 2012

Main(e) diversions ...

Perhaps you may have noticed I've been a bit absent over the last week.  

Instead of being home and watching all my feathered friends return as the weather warms,
I have been somewhere else.  
Do you see me in the reflection above?
That's been my view over the past week.

As well as this morning view ... 

 ... and this sunset view.

And this was my view this afternoon as I went for a walk.  
It was threatening rain but I didn't care.
I'm hanging out in Maine.
Getting our summer home ready.

 Just like this little gal
that scampered across my path today.
Preparing her own little home.

: : :

I may continue to be a bit absent and slow with my visits.
There are places to go, people to meet, seafood to eat.
Have a wonderful week!