Sunday, April 15, 2012

MIA in Maine

I have been neglecting your mailboxes. 

I guess by now you know I've been majorly MIA from my regular blog visits and dropping you a line or two.  I am curious as to what you all have been up to and what I have missed as far as Spring coming along in your neck of the woods (or fall for some of you!)

The Professor and I have been up here in Maine.  He doing professorial type work and me preparing the house for the summer like finding BEDS so we don't have to sleep on the FLOOR!  Okay when you are 6, not okay when you are almost 60! 

I had lots of meetings with various handymen and contractors to begin getting estimates on work we would like done ... eventually.  And then there were the visits to second hand and consignment shops ... which are quite plentiful in Maine.  I love spending time browsing through their shops.

Of course, a girl has to find a little time to get out and do some nature walks.  I wish I had done more.  Spring here is maybe three weeks behind where we were in Philadelphia.  The forsythia was just beginning to bloom as were daffodils and tulips.

One of my favorite walks is a dirt road across the harbor from us.  It goes on for miles along the coast.  This is a favorite stopping point for many where you can walk down to the rocks and even take a swim should you be so inclined.  But this girl is not so inclined.  That water is cold! 

And of course, there is the wonderful wildlife right out my front door.  The view above looks out toward Penobscot Bay.  If you look around the center of the photo, you will see a pole with a nest on it.

Do you see it?

Here is a closer shot of it ... the best I can do from my window.  It is an Osprey nest and the male has returned and waiting for the female to arrive once again.  So goes the story as told to us by our neighbors.  This pair comes back every year.

And these ducks have stopped in for a while as well, resting up to continue their journey north.

 Yesterday afternoon, I finally got around to putting out a bird feeder off of our deck.  It only took a few hours later and this fellow was on the deck checking out how he was going to reach it.  I think I'll hold off leaving it out for now until I get around to "squirrel" proofing it!  No matter where you are, some things remain the same!

Well, this has been my world the last week or so ... we'll be heading back home tomorrow and settling into a bit more of our regular routine.

I hope to drop by and see what you all have been up to and what wonderful photos and writing you have been sharing!

Later, my friends!