Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Istanbul street scenes and a kitty

I thought today I would just share some Istanbul street scenes.
In the days to come, there will be more of this
great city where Europe meets Asia.
Where Roman emperors and Ottoman sultans
roamed the same streets centuries ago.

Street scene from our Hotel Sultania.

Street outside of the Grand Bazaar.

Fascinating architecture everywhere.

The Spice Market.

View across the Golden Horn towards the New District.

Early morning walker.

No idea what the building was but loved the doors.

Street kitties everywhere seem to be tolerated by the Turks.

Young boy playing with a street kitten.

Outside dining everywhere!

Looking out across the Bosphorous Straight that runs north to south from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

Kitties kitties everywhere paying no mind to passerbys!

Yummy street vendor food!

The Galata Bridge spanning the Golden Horn with dozens and dozens of fishermen casting their lines.   

More yummy street food!

Sunset from the Galata Bridge.
 : : : 

 As a cat person, my heart goes out to whenever I see a homeless kitty.
And there are many many homeless kitties.

One afternoon as I was having a late afternoon glass of wine, 
I watched this young kitten playing along the street.
He had discovered a piece of paper that
he delighted in tossing about,
oblivious to the street and road traffic
surrounding him.

 The Turks are a kind and friendly people as
demonstrated by this man who paused when he saw the kitten
to jingle some beads for him to play.
The man had no idea that anyone was observing him.
He just stopped ... played a bit with the kitten and then 
went about his way.

But I hope that kitten has found a better place to play than in the street.