Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The mother of all bazaars

We arrived in Istanbul this past weekend and haven't stopped since we arrived. 
There is so much to share and yet I am challenged with limited internet time when exploring a city of 17 million people!

We have already done a lot, but today, let me introduce you to the
Grand Bazaar.

Oh man ... is it GRAND ....

The world's oldest market venue remaining much as it was centuries ago.
With a labyrinth of over 4,000 shops,
the colors, fragrances and persistent shopkeepers
soon put one's senses into overload.

Although I am not much of a 'shopper'
it was a MUST to experience.

 It is a bit challenging to wind your way around the city.  
Lots of walking, lots of wrong directions.  
But we finally found our way there.

 It is massive and overwhelming.

 So much that as we entered we stopped for some lunch 
just to have the reserves to continue.

 Once nourished, we began our trek ...

 ... among the masses.

There were lots of textiles

and gold ...

and silver

 and pottery

and glassware

 and lots of water pipes (hookahs)
and leather and jewelry and rugs and rugs and rugs.
Thousands of shops.

And we were lost most of the time while inside.
It took many tries to find our way
outside again.

 But we finally found an exit!

 And worked our way back to our hotel.

It was something to experience!
Especially for a non-shopper like me.

As you know, I much prefer views like last night's sunset. 
It was gorgeous.

But more on that on another day.

I probably won't be around visiting much while away
but will try to post some of our adventures
while here.

 By the way, 
I enjoyed your safe travel wishes and 
humorous comments from my last post.
(thank you)