Monday, June 25, 2012

Kayaks and ospreys

The Professor and I are spending some time up in Maine.  He, of course, will be doing research(y) kind of work while I manage some construction we are having done.  Sunday ended up being a beautiful day and we had the opportunity to try out our new kayaks.  It was awesome!

We paddled far out into the bay and I captured this shot of Mount Battie.  I only had my little point-and-shoot.  Just not confident enough yet to drag my 35mm out there on the water!

Edna St. Vincent Millay, who was a resident of the area, 
 immortalized the view from Mount Battie in her 1912 poem "Renascence":
 "All I could see from where I stood 
was three long mountains and a wood. 
I turned and looked the other way 
and saw three islands in a bay."

: : : 

Of course, I've got to include a bird story.
Out in the harbor, there is a stand for the Osprey's to nest.
They apparently come back every year, mate and raise their young.
When we were here in April,
they both had arrived and were doing some repairs
on their nest.

It was delightful to watch them carry large sticks and arrange and rearrange 
until they had each one just right.

Of course, in between some of that work, they had to make time
 for some other activities.

And then it was off again, to find more timber.

 Well, here we are late June, and below is the little fella that is a result of their industrious work.
He has been so noisey, calling out for them to 
bring him food in between his lengthy practice flights.

And speaking of practice, I hope to get a lot more kayaking in.
And maybe even figure out how to safely take my 35mm out with me!

Hope your week is getting off to a great start.
I'm off to shop for toilets ... how much fun is that!!!

Later, my friends,