Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humming along

'Tis the season!

The hummingbirds are back in full force.  
And I'm delighted to say that more have decided to stop in this year than last.  
So far I have counted 6!  
There may be more but who can follow them that fast!

All day outside my office window, I watch them come and go.  

Taking turns to feed.

 Some standing guard.

 Unwilling to share their tasty bounty.

 I have no idea who they consider friend or foe.

 But their fights and flights are constant all day long.

Even when I sit within feet of their feeder, they are fearless of me.
So intent on feeding.

And speaking of 'intent on feeding' .....

 One of the half dozen visiting mourning doves seems to have figured out 
how to get in my sunflower feeder while I was gone.

 This little girl planted herself in there for over an hour yesterday off and on.
Guess she has grown tired of eating the leftovers tossed to the ground!
It's amazing she was able to maneuver herself in there, clumsy as they are.

I guess I think of mourning doves and hummingbirds on opposite ends
of bird agility spectrum.
No matter.
I love them all!
Hope your week is going well, my friends!
And by the way, I'm not done with Maine pics.
I have more to share!

 ~ ~ ~