Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quintessential Maine

I'm an Iowa girl
born and raised there
for the first half of my life
but I always had the wanderlust of other places
believing I had been misplaced and the cosmos got it wrong

As I turn 60 next month, 
now I know.

I had always belonged in Maine.

With its lighthouses

and its 4,316 islands along the coast

With waters so clean, one can swim for morning exercise
(my neighbor taking a morning swim)

and lobstah lobstah lobstah for breakfast, lunch and dinner
(well, okay, that might be a bit exaggerated but not by much)

Kayaking fun

New England style homes to capture ideas for my own

evening fireside chats

and an endless coastline of beauty.

All of these things make Maine
a perfect place for this ole gal heading into her 60's.

A place to retreat, to re-energize.
A place to feed my soul.

Perhaps someday Maine will be my official home
but until then, I feel fortunate to breathe in its beauty 
whenever I can.

~ ~ ~ 
Sorry I've been a bit absent ... we have some construction 
happening in our Maine home which has been requiring me to
live and breath tile, countertops, hardware and paint colors.  
Sawdust surrounds me!

Have a great weekend, my friends,