Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The other day, I reached that remarkable milestone of 60 years old!
60 years old!  Holy Camoly!

Sixty years on this planet seems like a very long time.   
And yet somehow, it has whizzed by. 
What a ride it has been!

 We had some great fun celebrating a week with kids and grandkids in Anna Maria.
And The Professor had one awesome surprise for me.
He said he wanted to give me a gift for my 60th that expressed great love and last another 60 years.  
I couldn't imagine.
Turns out the gift is a painting of my favorite boy (besides my husband, of course)!
The Professor secretly commissioned one of our favorite artists, 
Dan Daly, of Camden, Maine, 
to do the 12"x12" oil painting below

Fat Kat 
King Kitty Kramer

I absolutely love it!
Totally one of the best presents I have ever received 
and I know my daughter (Alex),
who loves Kitty Kramer as much as I do,
will cherish the painting long after I'm gone.

I have had many kitties in my 60 years and each and every one has been special.
But Kramer has been the most special with his attitude of indifference.
Yet I know differently.
He loves me.
And like me, he is a bit stiff and achy,
and may act dispassionate to attention bestowed upon him,
but underneath all that coolness
he is full of love of his human companions.
And even though he is expected to depart long before me,
I will have this image near me
and my heart will smile.
What better gift could there be?
Thank you Professor!

~ ~ ~

 You can see more of Dan Daly's work at dalyart.com.

Later, my friends,