Friday, October 26, 2012


 The last several days have been beautifully warm and golden.  The leaves are at their peak here in Philly.  I haven't been out and about with my camera lately but did get in a few shots during a stroll along the Wissahickon trail while our son was here visiting this past week.  The image above is the stream's reflection of autumn at its best.

I sat for a while along the stream watching the ducks paddle about, scooping up some edibles along the shallow bank.

 I rarely get duck photos so I was pleased to add a few to my collection.

 Of course, I have no trouble getting photos 
of my backyard feathered friends.

 They have been aggressively feeding and quickly
emptying my feeders every couple of days!

Some are very picky eaters, tossing out morsels that do not suit them 
until they find exactly that right peanut.
The squirrels and doves are thankful 
for their discards though!

And I'm reminded that the feeders are empty again
as this mournful little titmouse waits for a refilling.
Guess I better get my hiney in gear!

Have an awesome weekend my friends!
We're off to Amsterdam so I'll be sharing 
a bit of their fall with you next week.

(P.S.  I'm behind on my visits 
but will catch up soon!)