Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Unique Visitor

The other day while at my desk, I happened to look up and see such a commotion 
at one of my watering dishes.

I quickly grabbed my camera, no time for correct settings, and snapped away.  
A quick google search helped me identify these unique beaked birds 
as the White-winged Crossbill, 
which I have never seen in my backyard before.  
Or for that matter, anywhere else!

They are dependent on spruce cones, wandering widely in search of them.  
Their primary habitat appears to be Canada and northern U.S. 
and breed at any month of the year.  
This group looked like it had a few youngsters among them.  

The photo below by Steve Berliner is a better view of their unique bill.

I don't know where they had been or where they were headed,
 but they were mighty thirsty!

I'm thinking that these feathered ones are the most unique ones
I have seen visit my backyard so far.
How about you?  
I'm curious as to what's been the most unusual bird visitor for you?