Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carolina (Wren) in My Mind

This is another little visitor I immensely enjoy but who only comes around sporadically.
The Carolina Wren. 
I have no idea if it is a male or female.

She stops in so briefly and darts around so quickly, I have very few good photos of her.
These images had a bit of help from a new app 
I've been using on my iPad/iPhone.
It's called PhotoToaster.  
It's got some pretty awesome tools!

 In the meantime, I'll enjoy her visits and hope she brings 
more friends around as spring comes about.  
Any suggestions of what may encourage her 
to raise her family in my backyard??

Don't you just love her little upright tail!
Also, I so enjoyed all your comments on your most unique visitors.
Connie of Hartwood Roses's two dozen Eastern Bluebirds visit
certainly stood out!

Have an awesome upcoming weekend, my friends!