Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, the last time you heard from me I was beginning the task of moving some of my photo libraries to an external drive.  Typically, that usually goes well.  Right?

NOT this time.  My hard drive went kapootie!  I tried everything for days to repair, fix, etc.  Searched and searched forums for the possible problem.  Not a good way to end the year.

Once back in Philly, I went to the Genius Bar at the Mac store.  And they confirmed what I already suspected.  My hard drive was DEAD!  Non recoverable.  And it was only 18 months old.  But, I was fearless because I had my Mac's Time Machine backup from December 3 so I would only loose a couple of weeks of photos.  So they replaced the hard drive and I went my merry way home to begin my Time Machine backup.  Still fearless!

Until ....

I seemed to have forgotten that I had not included PHOTOS in my Time Machine backups.  My backup was BARREN of all photos.  The picture folder wouldn't even highlight! Aaarrrgggghhhhh!  What an arse I am!!!  Reason I didn't back them up on Time Machine was that my Time Machine external drive was not large enough, so I had backed up my photos on ANOTHER external drive.  Which had not been backed up since this last May!  Ugh!

This was NOT the way I wanted to start my new year.  But on the bright side of things, it could have been worse.  And even though I've lost the last seven months of photos, there are some located in other places like Picasa, Phanfare and Smugbug.  But not many.  

So Hello 2013!  The year that I will be backing up my Mac on a brand new WD My Passport 2T external hard drive which has plenty of room for all 600 gig of photos.  And just for extra precaution, I'll investigate other alternative online storage for my originals as well.

If you have any suggestions, dear friends, I'd be interested in hearing who/what you use to store your originals.

Oh, and if I haven't done so already, I wish you a glorious New Year filled with much love and wonder!

Now, back to the business of rebuilding my photo libraries.