Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Driving Ms. Reena

It was a bright sunny day yesterday, almost begging spring to chase away winter's embrace.  
March will soon be upon us and that makes me smile. 

It also makes me smile whenever I can get The Professor to drive me around for some late afternoon photos.  It was fiercely cold and all of these were shot from my car window as we drove down along the Maine coast to Port Clyde. 

(I at least rolled my window down!)

It was low tide which made for some interesting landscape.
But then, I find all of Maine interesting.
It's so beautiful any time of the year!

Once we arrived in Port Clyde, the clouds
began to obscure what would otherwise have been a gorgeous sunset.
No matter.

The beauty was still there.

And eventually we were treated to this glory!

Nice memories to hold onto 
until our next visit.

~ ~ ~