Friday, February 22, 2013

Bird thoughts

With all the snowstorms and odd weather of late, I could use some warming up.  And no better way for me to do that than to think of myself sitting on the beach at sunset and taking in the scenery.  Here's a few archive photos from Anna Maria this past January.

Two gulls were fighting over a dead fish that had washed up.  Notice the guy on the right sneaking up while the other one is busy?  I think the two were in cahoots to steal the fish!

The Royal Terns, of course, had no interest in stealing any fish and remained their regal 
spikey-head-haired selves.

I find myself oftentimes wondering what birds think.  Like the guy above, just standing there. 
Is he hungry, tired, lonely, bored, happy or sad?

But then again, 
I imagine their thoughts are nothing quite that complex. 
Perhaps it is simply a way for me
to pause,
and ask those questions 
of myself.
~ ~ ~

Have a great weekend, my friends!