Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kitty love

You know, Lady Mom, I haven’t been feelin’ the love 
coming my way lately.

 I wait and wait in the bedroom each night, 
but you remain in your office working on some BLOG thing. 


I don’t really ask for much.  Food in my bowl morning and night.  Clean litter box.  Peace and quiet.  
Vacuum cleaners hidden away. 
By the way, whoever thought it a good idea to put the vacuum cleaner 
near my litter box, 
not good, Dude.  

It really stressed me out !
So sorry for that accident and it won't happen again as long as you keep that thing away from me!

Lately I have to place myself in the shower just to get your attention.  

Also, please tell The Professor to give me a bit more notice to get out before he turns it on.  
Jeez ... you KNOW I can't move that fast with my arthritis.  

You haven't even noticed how I sit in the hallway each evening, 
wondering when you will come to bed.  
Kitty-willing you to come to bed.

I’m just a kitty lookin’ for love

from you 


~ ~ ~

A repost from two years ago.  
Our Kitty Kramer is 16 years old and not a well kitty these days.
We love him endlessly and clearly
he has loved us back as well.
Our journey together, I fear, is nearing an end.
We'll continue to shower him with love
until he tells us
it's time.