Monday, March 11, 2013

Great weekend for a hike

Since we were treated to an awesome weekend of warm weather and friendly skies, 
The Professor and I went for a long hike, something I haven't been able to do 
for the past year due to my knee.  
It was sweet to be able to walk again without pain!

Of course, most of my motivation for hiking was to try to capture some interesting photos.  
March doesn't usually lend itself to much beauty.  
The earth is filled with too many shades of unremarkable browns 
but with a little editing with DistressedFX on my iPad,
 there was hope for some of the images.

We came upon this old building along the stream.  
It didn't appear to be an old mill 
and I'm not sure what's its purpose was in its glory days.  
But it did lend itself to some interesting images.

I wonder who 'ALBERt' is?
And why all caps except for the 't'?

My little female Cardinal who lost her tail, still comes to feed.  
You can see her new tail growing back (dark area under her wing tips) 
in the image below that I captured during our snowfall on Friday.

And thankfully, that snowfall melted pretty much away by the end of the day 
giving us this beautiful weekend.

 Makes me swoop with delight
that spring is around the corner!!!