Friday, March 15, 2013

Buds and birds

 It won't be much longer before these bare branches 
are filled with waving green leaves. 

That makes me smile.

But then on the flip side of that, 
it will become more difficult to spot my little feathered friends
as they take refuge 
within the armored branches.

 Such is the cycle.
~ sigh ~

I've been keeping an eye out for
the little female Cardinal who lost her tail.

 She continues to come and feed.
Here you can see the beginnings of her tail growing back in.
These photos were taken last week.

And as you see this week, 
it's coming along just fine!

By the way, the birds love this feeder but I don't know how much longer
it will hold up but I hope it makes it through this season.
I need to start looking for a similar one!