Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Spa Visit

Over the last several days, I've been organizing and editing photos, which seems to always be an endless task, and realized I had not shared this humorous Yellow-Crowned Night Heron who visits us at our home in Anna Maria.

He stops by occasionally and has taken a liking to our spa,
sitting there for 15-20 minutes.

Guess he likes the warm water!

He always keeps his eye on me, 
making sure I keep my distance.

And I do.  
I totally respect his privacy!

Once he steps out of the spa, he spends about 5 minutes shaking and drying off.

As well as clearing the taste of the chlorine from his mouth!
Nasty stuff!

After a bit, he hops over to the side of the pool ....

 And saunters down to the dock to continue more air-drying time.
And then some bug eating time.

I like our little visitor.  
As long as he doesn't bring more guests!

(P.S. The house feels so empty now with the passing of Kramer.  Such a gentle and old soul kitty, he will always be in our hearts.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments.  It was very comforting!)