Friday, May 10, 2013

Ode to King Kitty Kramer

His chest moves rhythmically as he sleeps.  Aside from my computer, I'm keeping close company with Kramer today. He lies at my feet and purrs away my sorrow as I reach down and stroke his soft fur.  Today is my last day with him.  Kramer has been living with a chronic illness for a while now and today we will say goodbye to him before his illness turns to suffering. 

Kramer was a rescue kitty along with his sister, Zoey, who passed a number of years ago.  He was never a lap kitty, but more dog like in his behavior, sitting at our feet under the dinner table or lying bedside in the evenings.  Cautious and careful, Kramer would hiss at brooms or vacuum cleaners and run from heavy footsteps.  Always affectionate, he loved head rubs and would greet me in the mornings with a kitty mew hello or a pawing at the sheets to inform me his food dish was empty.  

Other times, I would awake to the gift of his fave toy, a little yellow duckie by my bedside.  He taught us to throw water in the shower for him to drink, to never let his food bowl go empty and that persistent head bumps should be met with a kitty massage.

Kramer will enjoy his last breath in our backyard surrounded 
by chatty birds and the sounds of mother nature.  

As it should be.  

He will feel our love as his heart stops. 

Kramer. King Kitty Kramer.  Kitty Kitty. 1997-2013.
My heart aches with your loss.