Thursday, May 23, 2013



Some of you are fortunate to all live in the same city.  Generation after generation.  Coming together for weddings, funerals, births, baptisms, graduations, holidays, weekends at the shore.
Unfortunately, our family is scattered about.  Alaska, Utah, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida.  So family get-togethers rarely happen.  But when they do, it is great!

We had a grandson graduating in Iowa this past weekend and took that opportunity to fly to Cincinnati to visit grandchildren before heading on to Des Moines for the graduation.  We packed a lot of activity into those 4 days.  Grandsons' baseball games, museums, movies, board games, ice cream, pizza, pizza and more pizza!

Our daughter-in-law asked if I would take their family photos at a park before the graduation ceremonies.  "Of course", I said, only to stress myself out over it.  I can shoot birds, landscapes, beaches, skies, buildings  But people??  I'm so awful at it!  I definitely need more practice.  Thank goodness I have a arsenal of editing programs to clean up my poor images.

With that said, I'll share some with you.  All grandkids --8 boys, 1 girl -- except for one, made the cut.  He was busy working ... saving up for that car.

Part of something bigger than ourselves.
Where we will love and be loved.
No matter what.