Friday, September 20, 2013

Journey through the Marlborough vineyards

A trip to New Zealand must include a journey through their many fine vineyards.  We returned to one of our favorite towns, Nelson, on the South Island, well known for their arts and crafts.  The image above was shot as we were coming into the small city.  

Yes, my iPhone was on.  Bad me.

As soon as we arrived, we got our rental car and headed to one of our favorite spots for sunset.  
The Boat Shed provides such a place and we were not disappointed.

Another great landmark in Nelson is Christ Church Cathedral on Church Hill.  
We were treated to a beautiful spring day.

 Upon leaving Nelson, 
we drove on to explore the Marlborough wine region.

The vineyards were just beginning
to sprout new life.

 It was interesting to see sheep roaming amongst some of the vineyards.
Free labor in keeping the grass mowed!

Oh, there were so many wineries ....

... and so little time!

New Zealand has some beautiful landscape.  
But also some awesome plants.  
One plant that I just loved seeing was this tree fern with its trunk like stems.  

I love how the furled fronds unfurl 
into their large selves.

And then there are the birds.  
So many interesting songbirds.  
This little Song Thrush was singing his heart out one evening.
So loud and clear!

Makes me smile every time I see this image.

More later, my friends, as internet access permits!

~ ~ ~