Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Turbines in green fields of beauty

Being on the other side of the world, we don't get much news from home as we travel.   Now and then we catch a CNN segment or check BBC news.  The Professor and I are sort of news junkies.  Always reading the morning paper with breakfast.  Now we actually have to TALK to each other at breakfast.  Oh, the agony of it all!  Good thing we like each other.

In our travels, folks seem to think we are from Canada.  Never do they guess the U.S.  I find that interesting.  And all seem to be curious about our politics.  We are asked frequently about the current state of affairs and our opinion.  Of course we have a strong opinion, but we try to give a balanced view.  If there is one!!  Enough on that topic.

More pleasant topics for me is the beautiful countryside we have enjoyed.  Even though we are now in Australia, I'm still sorting through my images from New Zealand.  These couple of shots were taken through the car window as we drove.  The landscape is always so beautiful to me.

While we were in Palmerston North, I wanted to visit the Te Apiti Wind Farms and the 55 wind turbines scattered throughout.  I stood below the one you see here.  Oh my goodness.  The wind up there was astounding and the sound of those blades as they 'whooshed' by me was very intimidating.  I didn't linger long under it.

Amid the mountain range as we drove, was a herd of deer.  
(Is that right?  A "herd" of deer?)
They took a keen interest in me when I got out of the car to snap this shot.
They soon began to scamper away.

I continue to try to capture birds.  I miss my backyard and all of its delights.
I haven't identified this guy yet.  But they are quite common in the fields.
The birds over here are so noisy and beautiful in song.

I'll close with these two cuties!

 Signing off from Australia!
Later, my friends,