Thursday, October 31, 2013

I so could live in a bath house

While in Melbourne, one sight I was keen on photographing was the bath houses in the nearby southern suburb of Brighton.  Apparently Brighton is the home of some of the wealthiest folks of Melbourne but I really didn't notice the grand houses.  My eyes were set on these colorful bath houses which seemed to go on forever along the beach.  There are about 82 colorful Victorian wood framed buildings, all uniform in design.  I believe their original purpose was to provide sea bathing for the wealthy back in the mid-1800's.  Of course, these are no longer the original ones, but the tradition remains.

It was a great day to photograph them.  
The clouds provided some drama and the beach was pretty empty.
(And of course, Snapseed helps create more drama. Love that app!)

They seemed to continue forever!

And I took dozens ...

and dozens ...

of photographs 
before noticing that 
The Professor was waiting patiently.
He's a good sport that way. 

We wandered our way back up through St. Kilda 
and checked out the historic Luna Park.

By this time, The Professor needed food, 
so while I waited for him, I captured this jogger.
It had no significance other than I need to exercise!  
I simply liked the composition.

And speaking of jogging, with a little food in his belly, 
The Professor was quite willing to be my model 
and jog down the St. Kilda pier for this shot.

He's such a good sport!

Later, my friends,