Friday, November 1, 2013

A surprise in the alley

One afternoon as we were walking back to our hotel in Melbourne, we noticed this alley with some graffiti.  We had heard that Melbourne had some of the greatest street art in the world and that the City provides public spaces for this artistic expression (with the building owner's permission, of course).  So here we were, happening upon one of those places!  In we go!  And what a treat!  I'm not a big fan of graffiti.  To me, most of it is just bad.  But here was true talent!

There were two young folks doing their own thing when we were walking through.  Later, we were told that the city had recently approved Rutledge Lane graffiti to be painted over in blue to encourage new work and breathe new life in the precinct.  Apparently, it created a lot of press and bad will from street artists whose work was destroyed.  Here's a pic of the alley after being painted in baby blue. (Photo courtesy of 3AW News Talk, Melbourne.)

And here are my images just 2 weeks later.  

Some work remained
and wasn't painted over.

It was delightful to see this place.
Even more so by accidentally wandering into it!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing Melbourne through my eyes.
That was 6 weeks ago.  We leave Australia this weekend for Thailand.
I will miss Australia,
but I'll get to relive my visit through these posts!
So much more to show you of Australia.

So long for now, my friends,