Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Joey Good Time

January always seems like such a long month.  Winter settles in, making herself at home.  Morning light arrives late and evening's dark comes far too early.  I wish the days could remain long with light, but I guess Mother Nature needs to rest in this part of the world as she works hard in the Southern Hemisphere.

 It's hot hot hot in Australia now.  I'm glad we visited in their late spring.  
I thought I'd post some random images of folks enjoying the outdoors. 
I know we sure did!

The next 7 images were captured on 
various bike trips from the University to the 
Indian Ocean and then down to
about a 9 mile bike ride one way.

The little building below sits in the Swan River.  
I'm unsure of its purpose, but there were always people stopping 
to be photographed on its boardwalk.

I might have mentioned that our trip to the Outback produced very few sightings of kangaroos.  
We were told if we wanted to see kangaroos, 
we should go to Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park, 
a well kept cemetery with lush grounds and gardens.  

Well, we were not disappointed!
There were dozens and dozens and dozens of 'roos' and their 'joeys' hanging out.
Or in some cases, 
wanting to get out of the paparazzi's sight.

But there is always one in the crowd
who wants to be a star!

Love those 'roos'!
Later, my friends.
(And we're halfway through January!)