Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More of Australia ... Rottnest Island

Since many of us are caught up in this bazaar 'polar vortex' embracing the country, I thought what better time to have warm images of another place and time.  So how about continuing with our Australia trip!

On my last update of Australia, we were spending a month in Perth on the west coast, which was just the beginning of their summer.

During our time there, we took a ferry to visit Rottnest Island, which sits 11 miles off the coast and is a popular holiday destination.  Diving, snorkeling, boating, biking and just plain relaxing is had by many Aussies throughout the summer months.

The Professor and I took our bikes over on the ferry, since no cars are allowed, and biked the circumference of the island .. which was about 14 miles.  It took us a good 5+ hours to make the trip around.  We stopped a lot, what can I say!  There was much to see and enjoy with the white beaches, crashing surf and spectacular views.

We also enjoyed all the wildlife.
The pelicans (which are one of my favorite birds) have a bit
of a different look than our Florida brown pelican.
But just as handsome!

What was really cool to spot 
was the huge Osprey nest.

~~ HUGE ~~

While we stopped to enjoy the couple, 
one Osprey took off and soon was bringing back lunch.

Other critters scattered around the island are quokkas, 
which look like a cross between a pint-size kangaroo and a a small ground hog.  
There were quite a number of them at our lunch spot.  

This little guy was wondering 
if I had any food to spare.

We had a great day of tooling
around Rottnest.
Warm and beautiful.

Ah, so warm!
Beam me over, Scottie!
(I need to thaw out.)

Later, my friends,