Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lupines in bloom

Can there be any more of a beautiful place than Maine in the summer?  Especially in June when the lupines are in full bloom and the morning air is crisp with earthy smells of a beginning day.

I have really never been a morning person, but now with puppies, that has changed.
I guess that is good.

I always wanted to rise with the sun, but the warmth and comfort of a soft bed always won out.

Nowadays, the sounds of whining pups that will soon turn into ear-shattering barks should I not move fast enough, rule my world.

But I have adapted.  
Especially here in Maine 
when we have these gorgeous views to take in.

Lucy and Harry enjoy their morning and evening walks.  
They especially like it when we arrive at the beach.
As you can see below, Lucy goes rather spastic
running in the sand.
Harry, on the other hand, is too busy looking for 
some morsels in the seaweed.

But we wrap up our walk taking in the harbor 
and lingering in the morning dew.

 Now if I can just get them to chill out after their walks
so I can enjoy my morning coffee on the patio,
life would be almost perfect.