Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little bit of Florida sunshine

June is now upon us and I have no idea what happened to May!  Oh, that's right.  I became the mama of two puppies!  I am surrounded by chaos.

Not so long ago, there was much order in my life.  Like in April.  Like when we took time to visit our home in Anna Maria.  Actually, that week ended up not being so relaxing.  There were a number of repairs and yard work to get done.  I didn't take as many photos as I often do but did have a chance here and there while biking around.

Nowadays, just being able to sit and do nothing would be the most rewarding treat ever!  
(I now speak in dog language.)

I never tire of trying to capture some of my favorite birds.
The Great Blue Heron.

And my most favorite, those pelicans.
I can watch them endlessly dive and cruise above the waters.

I think they are magnificent.

But always, the best time is the evenings.

As the day begins to disappear into night.

It reminds me how extraordinary the universe is 
in all of its grandeur.

And I am thankful.
(And I will be more thankful once my puppies are house broken!)