Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Git alooonnnngggg little dogie

hey, mr. winter, listen up!

i hear you plan on dropping us some snow flurries tomorrow.

see these buds?

that's right.

ms. spring has been knocking at your door.

give it up!

time to move on.

head up north to alaska.

 like johnny horton sings.

way up north, north to alaska.

cause ms. spring is a comin', whether you like it or not.

you may have slowed these buds down a bit.

but they're opening.

you can't stop 'em.

even the male finches know.

it's time.

their coats have turned bright yellow.

primed for mating.

so move a long little doggie.

get your arse up north!

cause the birds and the bees

have business to take care of!


missing the mom gene