Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now That's a View I Could Live With

Over the past year, I have been watching the building of this home.

More like *stalking* its progress.

It is so adorable.  I bike by frequently whenever we are on the island as its construction continues.  If I see no one around, I peak in the windows and try the door knobs.  You never know when a door has been left unlocked.  And if it's unlocked, I'll wander in and explore the layout and choices made.  I love exploring a new home's design.

But stalkers like me mean no harm, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner.   I'm just getting ideas.

Like this railing with the cut out starfish, seashells and fish.  Look how the afternoon sun creates these cool patterns on the deck.

And this flower detail in the supporting arches.

I especially love the playful green waves along the roof line.  Such great detail for a seaside house.  Even down to the copper gutters.

The muted green and blue shades set perfectly against the white surrounding sand.

From the deck, you can look out for miles across the water and occasionally get a glimpse of dolphins passing by.

I know this because I *trespassed* (shhhhh) after the workers had left for the day and I climbed up the spiral outdoor staircase to the upper balcony.  (All the doors were locked... shucks.)

I think I could wake up to this view every day.

Every single day.

Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as this,

missing the mom gene