Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Oystercatcher at Sunset in Anna Maria


The bird
walks down
the beach along
the glazed edge
the last wave
reached.  His
each step makes
a perfect stamp--
smallish, but as
sharp as an
emperor's chop.
Stride, stride,
goes the emperor
down his wide
mirrored promenade
the sea bows
to repolish.

Kay Ryan

This beautiful poem perfectly captured this Oystercatcher 
as he paraded by us at sunset.  

And what better way to salute him 
than with one of Kay Ryan's (the recent Pulitzer prize winner) poems.

This was a post I did back in April on our last visit.

I'm lazy mazy today.
But then, I'm on vacation!

But I love reading all your comments!
Always time for that!