Thursday, April 28, 2011

Evening bliss

The Professor and I have left the northern regions
and vacationing in warmth and sunshine

spending the last several evenings filled with old friends and laughter

and other new friends and their squawks
like this gull this evening
standing so regal facing the setting sun.

There is something peaceful and mesmerizing
watching these feathered guys running back and forth along the shoreline.

They  move so fast along the water line
back and forth 
back and forth
up and down poking their bills
into the sand for what I have no idea.
Food I suppose.

I guess this little Sanderling has been finding
quite a bit of food.
He's a bit chubby.

As the day says its goodbyes
this is our view

every night
on the beach
our beach chairs
with a glass of wine.

Life is good.


missing the mom gene