Monday, April 25, 2011


The last several days we have visited with friends while taking a break down on the Gulf in *quaint old-Florida style* Anna Maria Island. 

This part of Florida is rich in wildlife and landscape.  An outstanding place to practice one's photography skills *like me* who is still a student in the world of observation.

Morning walks have been filled with wonderful surprises of various wildlife like this Anhinga.  This guy (or gal) was kind enough to be drying out his wings to provide me this photo op.

This Red-bellied woodpecker was busy pecking away at the tree for * I don't know what* but it must have been something worthy of his time.  He had lots of work to do and was quite busy not to be interrupted by my presence.

As I was finishing up my morning walk, these Sandhill Cranes below were trying to cross the road with their youngin' and held up traffic as they crossed to join their baby.  Such doting parents.  I understand they mate for life.  Mmmmm, I wonder if she ever turns to him and says "Do you still find me attractive?"


This guy was on the lookout for breakfast.  I'm glad I didn't have to witness whatever he found to bring home to the nest.

Upon returning home and sipping my coffee on the patio, this Blue Heron stopped by and paid me a visit.  He totally ignored me while continuing to do his morning chores in the water fountain. 

At the end of the day, I wrapped it up with this sunset.  There is nothing quite equal to sitting on the shoreline and watching a day come to an end.

Of course, it is complimented with a glass of wine and the company of The Professor.

Thankful that I get to be present to so many remarkable events of the world around me.

I say *thank you* world,

for such wonder.

missing the mom gene