Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The rain keeps coming.  The sun make an appearance today but ever so briefly.  Since I've been missing it the last several days, I went scrolling through old some photos and came up with these.  No two are ever the same.  Sort of my *go to place* when needing a bit of a lift.

By the way, did you know the world is ending Saturday.

Me neither!

I read it right here in our local paper and then I Googled it!  And you know, Google knows everything.  Right?  We are Kaput!  

Psssstttttt.  I think I will hold off on paying that electric bill.

According to an Oakland pastor, our world, as we know it, will come to an end May 21, 2011.  Fire and brimstone?  Not hardly.  According to news reports, it doesn’t *really* end on Saturday but it *starts* to end.

That's like saying it "may rain today, then again, it may not." 

And if you need to know the exact time, it’s 6pm.  I’m not sure if that is Eastern time or Pacific time.  Seems like a small detail in the general scheme of it all, but it would be helpful to know.

Like ...  will there be time for afternoon wine?

Do I need to pick up some groceries for dinner?

Do I have to return my Netflix movie?

This news has me in a bit of a quandary, however.  According to those Maya calendar people, I thought I had at least until December 2012.  Enough time to lose those 20 pounds so I look smashing come judgement day.

But Saturday!?

Man, I just got my new Mac, still learning how to use my macro lens, don't know who will win on American Idol and will totally miss Mad Men's new season!

On the other hand, if it is Saturday, I guess I won’t have to worry about who I’m leaving all my gazillion dollars, or refilling the bird feeders, or cleaning my closet and doing the laundry.  Those weeds in the garden?  They can wait till Sunday.

And just in case they may be right,  I’ll wait to renew my subscription to The New Yorker.

Personally, I'm betting on THIS guy, Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist and author.  He claims that the real earth ending won't arrive for another five billion years from now, when the sun runs out of hydrogen.

I like his way of thinking!

But if you doubt and you are still around come Sunday, you can stick with the Mayan end of the world, slated for 2012.  There's even a countdown calculator to tell you how many days you have left on Earth.

Grab it here!

So enjoy them while you can!

In the meantime, I think I'll go fill up my feeders.  Still trying to coax some bluebird into my yard.

I think I have some time.

Tomorrow, back to our regular scheduled programming.

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