Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the verdict is ...

The good news ... the sun has finally arrived.  
The bad news ... so have my dandelions.

It's been a rough few days on us humans, let alone those who came to visit my backyard.
This little Chipping Sparrow has been feeding continuously.
She's grown a bit chubby.
Continuous rain can do that to you.

For some reasons, the cardinals didn't mind the rain at all.
They stopped in much more frequently than usual.

This mama always seemed to stay under the trees
while her burley mate braved the rain to feed.
Although, I don't think happily.

 Like I was saying, it's been a rough few days.

So when the sun broke through, I was a happy camper.  

Until ...........

Yes, you are seeing correctly! 

My fancy schmancy anti-squirrel bird feeder is DOWN!

And not just down UNDER the tree,
but drug some 10 yards FROM the tree.

I had just filled it up. 
And look!  Some piggy wiggy biggy gorged sometime through the night.


So I went all CSI on this case.  And look what I discovered!  See those few hairs still clinging
to the branch?  Look close.  They are there!  Sort of grew in color.  An inch or so long.

See these broken limbs.   There were 5 ... FIVE ... small limbs broken off on the branch
leading to the feeder.

I hung my feeder back up.  You can see how it hangs on the *S* hook.  How in the hell did some little varment get that off!  To drop it to the ground.  And drag it away!

I'm thinking RACCOON!

What do YOU think?

Innocent or guilty?

To be continued .....

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Liza said...

I have always wanted to feed the birds, but this is why I don't. I have way too many species of wildlife in the woods behind me that would love to yank at birdfeeders. Reena, I gave you a mention on my blog today. You'll see why. Thank you!

TexWisGirl said...

oh absolutely. they raid my cat's food in the barn almost each night and will sometimes saunter over to the birdfeeder tree and wreak havoc. last year my dogs managed to tree 5 raccoons in that one tree early one morning - it took 2 days to get them all down (keeping the dogs penned and trying to get the raccoons to come down on their own as well as using water hoses, etc.) they are such rascals!

Mental P Mama said...

Those pesky sqirrels! It's a good thing they're so cute....

beth said...

we've had both squirrels and raccoons "take" our feeders....then we put up a critter cam to catch them in the act....and one time, it was deer !!!

She Who Carries Camera said...

well, i have to say, that beats anything we've ever experienced concerning our bird feeders. we, too, have bought the supposed "squirrel proof" feeders (what suckers we are). those squirrels outsmart those feeders every time. the more you spend on a feeder, the longer it does takes a squirrel to "break the code", but they figure it out and get that food no matter what. but, never have we had a feeder fall to the ground and get dragged away! that's hilarious! (and frustrating!)