Friday, May 13, 2011

In the beginning

Well, that's a fine howdy do ....

Here we are ... 30+ hours and blogger is back up minus a post or two.  But I'm told that if I go back into my RSS feeds and pull up my own posts, I'll be able to repost them.  

I'll leave that for this weekend.

Because right now I am going on my 5th hour ... yes, 5 hours!!! ... sitting in the Apple store working on transferring data from my old Mac to my brand spanking new Mac I purchased yesterday.  These hours don't include the 6 hours last night trying to figure out why *Migration Assistant* did  not "migrate" everything to my new Mac.  

The boys in the Mac store couldn't figure it out either this morning.  So you know what they finally did after 3 hours of tinkering around?  Decided to give me another brand new spanking Mac.  And now were are in the middle of transferring my files.  

Of course, I have to stay here while it takes a zillion hours to transfer.  They want to make sure it all works correctly.


Do you know how frickin' hard their little stools become after a while.  I no longer feel my butt.  And I've had no lunch!  Nor fluids.  Fortunately, the young man working with me on this transfer took pity on me and got me a bottle water only if I promised not to spill.   I guess they have some fear of *water* around all their electronic gadgets.  Imagine that.

So here I sit, with my bottle water, careful not to spill, and writing up this blog on one of their computers while I watch the blue progress bar do its countdown.

A strange 24 hours between blogger being down and failure of my new Mac to load properly. 

I expect there to be floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and hail.  But what are the odds of Blogger AND my NEW Mac  to blow up at the same time.

The universe is angry!

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